Lauren Massage therapist coogee

I am Lauren Pinfold.

I love to discover ways in which encourages you to Be your Bliss-

Living life on your terms, how you want it to be.

I want the absolute best for you. In the Sanctuary, I have created a warm and welcoming space that is filled with pure positive energy. As you step inside you can feel the love and appreciation that is devoted to the space. 

My gift to you is to provide a space and the tools, for your desires to become a reality. Through massage, visualisations, meditation, reiki and energy work we will tailor the treatment to find a way that allows you to live in your bliss. I will raise your vibration so your desires can manifest in the physical form. I am interested in your growth, expansion and the upliftment of you. I believe when you connect your body, mind and spirit you are in true alignment and the essence of who you are which is Love.

When you body is in pain physically, or emotionally it can make living your best life harder. These misalignments and imbalances can impact your health greatly. I love to make improvement to your body physically and emotionally to increase your vitality and wellbeing. 

The sessions are designed to increase your own intuition. I hold a nurturing space for you while you transcend through this wonderful journey. Know you are supported whatever stage you are at, there is no judgement, I welcome you with blessings just as you are.

As we align your energy, be ready to feel uplifted, light and inspired. 

I look forward to meeting your beautiful soul soon.

Lauren x x